Special recognitions

  • The Department has got recognition from major funding agencies of the country in the form of DST-FIST, UGC-SAP I & II and UGC-Innovative programmes.
  • Total grants received:           DST-FIST (Level 0) in 2008 for 5yrs worth INR 27,50,000/- (Received)

                                                 UGC-SAP (DRS0) in 2009 for 5 yrs worth INR 41,44,384/- (Received)

                                                 UGC-SAP (DSR1) in 2014 for 5 yrs worth INR 120 lakhs (sanctioned)

                                                 DST-FIST (Level 1) in 2017 for 5 yrs worth INR195 lakh (Sanctioned)

  • Research Projects funded by national and international agencies such as DBT, DST, DAAD, UGC, CSIR etc are routinely undertaken by various faculty members.
  • Continuing the legacy of research excellence, the faculty members of the Department publish an average of 74.5 research papers annually (2012-2016), mostly in Science Citation Index (SCI) journals.
  • Recognition to the Kashmir University Botanical Garden by the Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI)
  • Recognition as a Core Group by the Mountain Invasion Research Network (MIREN)