Assistant Professor

My broad research interests span across the disciplines of Plant Taxonomy, Ecology and Biodiversity.

Our Lab uses tools of taxonomy and ecology to contribute in the documentation, conservation and sustainbale use of plant biodiversity in Kashmir Himalaya.


Recent Book Published: Biodiversity of the Himalaya: Jammu and Kashmir State


Currently, some of the focal areas of research in our Lab are:


(i) Floristic and Systematic Studies on Flora of Jammu (Western), Kashmir (North-Western) and Ladakh (Trans-) Himalayas;;


(ii) Biotic Inventory, Impact Assessment, and Management Protocols of Invasive Alien Plants at multiple spatial scales, i.e. Kashmir Himalaya (regional), India (national) and world’s mountains (global).;;;


(iii) Impacts of anthropogenic climate change on plant phenology and alpine ecosystems in the Himalaya





  • Total number of publications : 101   (For full list, View my Resume available at Faculty Details on top right side of this webpage)

My research interests are supplemented by personal hobbies of travelling, tracking and hiking to high-altitude mountains in Himalayas to photograph the fascinating flowers and the natural landscapes. Luckily my hobbies are inseparably linked to my profession as a botanist and passion for plants as well.

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  • Administrative position Held Officer Incharge, Centre for Biodiversity & Taxonomy, Department of Botany, University of Kashmir
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Research Papers Published

  • "Threat evaluation for biodiversity conservation of forest ecosystems using geospatial techniques: A case study of Odisha, India." Ecological Engineering, 69(8): 287 -303 {ISSN: 0925-8574}
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Books Published

  • "Biodiversity of the Himalaya: Jammu and Kashmir State". Springer, Singapore. {ISBN: 978-981-32-9173-7} pp 1100

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
Alpine ecosystem dynamics and impact of climate change in Indian Himalaya (PRACRITI-II)Space Applications Centre (SAC-ISRO), Govt. of India, Ahmadabad31-03-20172,920,000.00
Advanced Taxonomic Research Centre for Alpine Flora and Training Centre in Kashmir HimalayaMinistry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEF & CC), Govt. of India under the All India Coordinated Project on Capacity Building in Taxonomy (AICOPTAX) Scheme14-08-20164,947,800.00
Taxonomic Characterization and Conservation Assessment of Ephedra in IndiaScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology(DST), Govt. of India22-11-20166,042,520.00
Vegetation Carbon Pool Assessment (VCP) Sub-Project of the ISRO Geosphere Biosphere Program (IGBP) National Carbon Project (NCP)National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC-ISRO), Govt. of India, Hyderabad03-11-20161,444,500.00
Convergence of Traditional Knowledge Systems for Integration to Sustainable Development in the Indian Himalayan RegionDepartment Science & Technology, Govt. of India under National Mission on Sustaining Himalayan Ecosystem (NMSHE) Scheme10-03-20164,988,800.00

Research Scholars:

Shugufta RasheedM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Insha MuzaferM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Maroof HamidM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Zubair A RatherM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Shiekh Marifatul HaqM.Phil Awarded Whole Time