The small seed of the Department of Botany, sown in 1961 and nurtured by the renowned botanists, scientists and naturalists, has grown into a gigantic tree with its branches blooming into flowers of scholarship and disseminating fruits of excellence. For those students who dream to join a Department with a difference and distinction in the University of Kashmir, the Department of Botany is the ideal choice in view of its proven excellence in producing motivated and well-trained professional botanists who are capable of meeting the contemporary challenges. It is a department where creativity, originality and innovations are valued more than convention. The faculty of the Department burns midnight oil to offer high quality teaching and research programmes in cutting-edge disciplines of regional, national and international importance. The Department provides enabling environment to the teachers, students and scholars in achieving excellence in teaching and research.


Since its inception, over half a century ago, the Department has progressed by leaps and bounds, surpassing many milestones. Catering to the expectations and needs of the society, the Department has now transformed into a mega-entity including important adjuncts, such as an internationally recognized herbarium (KASH), the Centre of Biodiversity and Taxonomy (CBT), and the Kashmir University Botanical Garden (KUBG) with its high altitude satellite garden at Gulmarg. Recently, selection of the Department of Botany for special funding by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India under its Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology Infrastructure (FIST) scheme and grant of Special Assistance Programme (SAP) by the University Grants Commission (UGC) testify to the achievements of the Department in teaching and research. Besides, the Department has started a post-graduate programme in Bio-resources under the then Innovative Programmes of UGC, now renamed as “Teaching and Research in Interdisciplinary and Emerging Areas”. The Department currently offers following academic and research programmes:




The Department aspires to attain distinction in providing cutting edge learning experience, intellectual freedom, and critical research opportunities in order to become first choice of students and researchers.      


The Department of Botany strives to impart internationally benchmarked education to its students and conduct original and innovative research for sustainable management and utilization of our natural heritage in regional development.